When you talk about retro mania, what will you think about firstly? A person, a brand or something fixed? If you ask me, my first thought is a person and is a grandmother. In my heart, she is the best spokesperson of the retro style.

But many people think that fashion belongs to young people. When people get older, they no longer care about fashion and move away from fashion more and more. But in reality, fashion is an attitude of life, a passion for life and a search for beauty. The person I want to introduce to you is Iris Apfel. She is almost a hundred years old, but she is still alive and as wonderful as a young man. She has even become the oldest fashion icon in the world. His life is as colorful as the color of his clothes.

You may know her. The big round glasses and the retro dresses are its emblematic forms. The retro fashion of Iris Apfel, you must understand slowly. Many people no longer choose shiny clothes when they are old, and Iris Apfel’s clothes are almost all colored. Not only is the color of the clothes beautiful, but she also loves jewelry, especially the big exaggerated jewelry. In her documentary on fashion, Iris Apfel explained that her beautiful and glamorous jewels were her favorites. So many of his collocations all wear beautiful jewels. Not only does she love fashion, but she also has a unique insight into clothes.

Of all the photos of Iris Apfel, the one I prefer is this one. The bright orange cape with beautiful jewels, combined with a vintage background, forms a magnificent picture. Iris Apfel seems to be a former aristocrat, giving a royal style.

So I said that Iris Apfel was the best spokesperson for the retro style. She also said she preferred the retro style. This style is perfect for her. Maybe she is older, she can give us a solemn feeling. And she really likes bright colors, beautiful clothing styles, the effect of the garment makes her nobler, as if holding a scepter in her hand, she is the queen.

Iris Apfel’s style of dress is based on the retro style of the ’60s, including colorful flared trousers, exaggerated dresses and a variety of Iris Apfel’s large, personal style bracelets. She proved to people that fashion had nothing to do with age.


His favorite is shopping. The amount of his clothes is amazing, but everyone is very distinctive. The clothes in her closet are all bought from around the world, not just clothes, but also many accessories, such as vintage berets, sunglasses, big bracelets, etc. The New York Art Museum, Harold Kodak, even organized an exhibition for the Iris Apfel cloakroom. Kodak explained that opening the cloakroom of Iris Apfel is like opening the Pandora’s box of the queen of fashion.

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